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Professional Lawn Fertilization

When you look over your fence at the neighbor’s yard, do you notice that the grass really is greener? It happens. Busy schedules and a wide range of other distractions often push our lawns to the very bottom of the maintenance priority list. Fortunately, there’s hope for even the brownest, driest blades on your property. An effective solution for both your wilted grass and your growing case of lawn envy? ACA Lawn Care’s professional fertilization services.

ACA LawnCare: Know The Benefits Of Effective Lawn Fertilization Services

Since 1994, ACA LawnCare, has proven to customers throughout the Chicago region that a well-fertilized lawn means so much more than just green grass. Implementing a fertilization routine offers an extensive range of benefits to home and business owners alike, including:

  • Weed Growth Reduction
  • Pest Elimination
  • New Turf Protection
  • Grass & Root Strengthening

Most importantly, an effective fertilization solution can actually protect and preserve the health of the grounds surrounding your entire property, warding off a wide range of fungi and disease that can prove unsightly and time consuming to treat.

We Provide Customized Care Solutions For Your Property

Whether you simply don’t have the time to tend to it yourself, or have already tried everything in your yard without success, ACA LawnCare can help. Our team of experienced and professional lawn care specialists has the skill and training needed to evaluate the existing look and health of your business or residential property. From there, we can create a customized care strategy based on your lawn’s specific needs to achieve the best results possible.

Our innovation lawn care solutions offer:

Premium Product Mix

ACA LawnCare understands that every lawn is different, making it critical to find the right ingredient mix to make the biggest impact. Our certified professionals will carefully determine the right blend and product rotation needed to reverse damage, kill weeds, eliminate pests, and sustain new growth.

Regulated Amounts

It’s not enough to pinpoint the fertilizing mix your property requires; it’s also important to determine the proper amounts of fertilizer to distribute. We carefully calculate square footage as well as areas in need of extra care and attention to pinpoint ideal quantities of products in our treatment plans.

Precise Timing

When it comes to achieving a gorgeous, thriving, green lawn, timing is everything. Not only does ACA LawnCare plan out our clients’ seasonal fertilization schedules, we also utilize controlled-release products to gradually enhance greening, growth, and soil nutrients over an 8-week stretch.

Experience The ACA Lawn Care Difference

ACA LawnCare makes customer support and service excellence our top priority. Our team of trained professionals offer one-on-one client care to guarantee satisfaction on every job we complete. Contact us today to learn more the ACA LawnCare difference!

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