Lawn Aeration

Maintain a Healthy Lawn

At ACA LawnCare, we know that mowing, watering, and fertilization all play a key role in maintaining your lawn. However, sometimes these traditional treatment routines alone aren’t enough to accomplish green, lush grass at your residential or business property. For many home and business owners throughout the Chicago area, the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn is to also implement ACA LawnCare’s professional aeration services as part of their seasonal care strategies.

Lawn Aeration: Because Thatch Is A Thing

Here in the greater Chicago region, our front and backyards are some of our most favored outdoor living spaces – we want them to be healthy, inviting, and most importantly, lived on. However, all our outside activities and events can have a negative impact on the grass beneath our feet (or paws, or wheels). Overtime, these trampled, high-traffic areas begin to condense, building up concentrations of dreaded thatch and compacted soil. When left unattended, these compressed grounds actually prevent air, water, and nutrients from circulating freely beneath the surface, ultimately suffocating and hardening the lawn with disastrous results.

Our Method

Our team of trained specialists uses Power Core aeration strategies and professional, mechanical ventilation equipment to perforate the earth, removing a consistent pattern of small cores that have been punctured from the grounds. The remaining holes are what “aerates” the area, offering a significant range of benefits including:

  • Immediately allows soil to receive air, water, and nutrients
  • Strengthens roots
  • Increases ground tolerance to negative conditions
  • Minimizes risk of lawn disease
  • Reduces future thatch buildup

Most importantly, at ACA LawnCare, we create customized aeration solutions to ensure our clients maximize benefits offered with yard ventilation. Our qualified professionals understand that every property has a distinctive soil composition and specific set of needs, so we never implement one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we carefully evaluate the current condition of your lawn to determine a treatment approach and frequency to achieve and sustain a gorgeous, healthy yard.

Are You In Need Of ACA LawnCare Professional Aeration?

Are you in need of our Power Care strategies and solutions? You may be if your lawn:

  • Is part of new construction and has stripped/buried topsoil
  • Gets heavy use from adults, children, and pets
  • Originally sprung from sod
  • Endures vehicular traffic
  • Feels spongy underfoot
  • Dries out quickly

If you’ve noticed any of these conditions in your yard, you may be an excellent candidate for an ACA LawnCare aeration treatment plan.

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Golf course green on your side of the fence! Lawn Aeration diagram
Let your lawn breathe and do what the golf courses do. Through the process of LAWN AERATION, soil compaction is relieved and oxygen can then travel to the root zone.
Aeration tines penetrate the soil and eject cores onto the turf surface where they are utilized as a productive top-dressing. Most lawns require semi-annual aeration to restrict thatch accumulations.

  • Removes 50% of thatch
  • Watering savings of over 60%
  • Provides root zone with oxygen
  • Stimulates root growth and fertilizer absorption rate
  • Increases turfs strength and disease tolerance
  • Improves fertilizer and nutrient intake
  • Reduces watering costs

Why Choose ACA LawnCare

Best of all, working with ACA LawnCare for aeration services means you have access to our comprehensive portfolio of professional lawn capabilities to ensure you enjoy the best results possible – that’s the ACA LawnCare promise. Contact our team to hear more about our extensive offerings and schedule a no-risk evaluation on your property today.

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